Tuesday, September 27, 2011

What's New?

Fall is in full swing and I couldn't be happier with the weather.  This fall has been full of perfect warm, dry, crisp Michigan fall days.  My health has been at extremes- days of feeling almost normal to days spent all day in bed.   On the good days, I have been creating a lot of cool stuff and while I need to photograph it all and get my Paper Dolls loaded on to Etsy I wanted to share a sneak peak.

I LOVE Halloween and LOVE the mixed media projects I just completed!

My second little sneak peak is really more of an announcement.  I've been thinking about joining a Design Team (DT) for one of the many, many craft companies that have DT members.  I met my friend Mandy, who does amazing DT work for American Crafts and Epiphany and it sounds like it can be fun- she gets all sorts of cool stuff sent to her and has been asked to Guest Blog for craft heavy weights  like Jenni Bowlin.  I wanna play that game too!  So, while trolling for DT positions I found two interesting things.  One is a fun blog I now follow called DIY Kinda Girl.  She has guest bloggers on Wednesdays and I'm signed up for the October 19th Guest Blogger slot.  I am going to show a cool technique that you haven't  seen and I am proud to say, I came up with all myself.   

The other fun site I found is called Things Crafty.  This is site is just starting out- right now it is under construction.  Things Crafty is the brainchild of two polymer clay artists, Ilysa and Kira, who have done big things in the polymer clay world including a guild they started with other Etsy polymer clay artists.   Both have published their creations and have made DVD tutorials of their craft.  Now with Things Crafty they envision a place to come and learn how to do a variety of different arts and crafts.  To begin there is a team member for each category- Paper Crafts, Mixed Media, Art Journaling, Kids Crafts, Sewing, Crochet/Knitting, and Polymer Clay.  

If you go to the site and click the "Mixed Media" button you will see my mug and a LOOOOOONG bio I wrote as part biography and part comedy piece.  We are not required to ONLY post on our area of expertise so expect lots of cool projects.  There are plans for classes, tutorials, blogging, and videos.   They are keeping it all loose right now but they are so inspiring.  Kira is doing the website and it looks awesome.  There are other large craft tutorial sites, but most do not have an attractive interface; crafty and artistic people always look to be inspired by their surroundings.  I am so excited to be in on the ground floor of this venture and I can't wait to see where it takes me.

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  1. Fun Halloween piece. I look forward to seeing your design team work.


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