Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Odds and Ends

Memorial Day is a time of remembrance of those we served for our freedom including my husband Lt. Col Kaplan who served in the Air Force and currently serves in the Michigan Air National Guard. 
My family is enjoying a weekend- crazy weather and all- with family and friends at our cottage in Northern Michigan.  Today this weather is gorgeous- a perfect Michigan Summer day…not too hot….not too humid…. perfect.  We head home this afternoon, stop at Nana's for dinner and then on home.  Tomorrow begins the final week of school for my kids and I say "Thank God for no more 6:30 wake-ups… at least for a few weeks".  We have a busy summer planned…busy but fun.

I have some projects that I haven't shared so this post gives me a chance to show those projects.  I do start two new classes in June so expect lots of interesting art.  

The first project that falls under MISC is a really cool kit I ordered from Janet Hopkins.  She is selling directions (not the kit) to make this and other projects on her Etsy site as well.

I adore this book.

I also did another major remodel on the craft space- love it and it is getting much more efficient and effective for me.  I whipped out some small projects for my beloved grandma to put in her room at the Laurels.  It is my duty as her offspring-both genetically and craftically- to keep her room stocked with cool projects.



  1. Fun book. glad you're enjoying the [sporadic] beautiful weather.

  2. gorgeous book!!! let's see your redone craft space too :)


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