Sunday, March 20, 2011

Mouse, Paper, Scissors

Look at my header…. I added the text in Photoshop!  Ok, so I didn't do the artwork, but I am pleased as punch with myself anyway.  I have been busy with a new class called Mouse, Paper, Scissors taught by my favorite hybrid scrapbooker- Heidi Swapp, and the woman who is trying to teach the world Photoshop- Jessica Sprague.  We have established that I am not a scrapbooker, in the traditional sense of the word, but I am enjoying the class.  I did make the two scrapbook pages that were assigned- one for each of my beautiful children and while I probably won't put them in an album, I will display them somehow.  I'd love to show them in this post... but I am without a camera….and I'm too scared to use Rick's cuz he always finds something wrong; best to just NOT touch his stuff.

I have some pictures of artwork from last month so I can share some projects.  First,  the book I made for Soul Restoration- I showed a the first set of pictures earlier but I decided to put them all together in one post as well.


Soul House

Love the Glitter 

Love the Mirror page

….on to the next one…..

Flowers made with Anthropology wax tissue
Glimmer misted butterfly very pretty and glittery in person

I also made some journal pages for Soul Restoration.  Here are a few that I haven't used yet to actually journal on.  I'm showing them to give you an idea as to what an Art Journaling page might look like…. without the journaling… and without the usual amount of effort….The quick and dirty version of an art journaling page.  

Now…I am on to other classes.  I have signed up for Soul Restoration II which starts in June and She Art which is in April.  But right now I am taking Mouse, Paper, Scissors and One Little Word.  I ADORE the mini-books we have completed for MPS.  Unfortunately, I only have one project from Mouse, Paper, Scissors photographed.  This beautiful book was made out of a single sheet of "Daily Junque" from House of 3.  I opened my MPS "kit" and saw the sheet of Daily Junque and literally squealed.  I know that most of you can't imagine what in the hell I was so excited about and wonder if I have been drinking Tiger Blood after visiting the Sober Valley Lodge.  No, I just LOVE me some House of 3.  The cover holds a notepad which we are using to journal on.  Super cute!

My job this week:  get all my stuff photographed!  Oh, and catch up on "One Little Word". I still haven't done the February assignment, though I did get some interesting suggestions from Joanne about what to photograph, so thanks go to you Joanne.


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  1. You sure have been busy. And, I look forward to seeing your next post, after you find your camera (I sooo know what it is like to have to hunt down a camera). I have trouble keeping up with online classes and I really try to take only one at a time. I'm impressed that you're handling multiple classes.


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